Ice melting and human activity in the Arctic and Antarctic are a threat to the existence of animals here

The fight against the threat of extinction of polar animals is just beginning. Regular monitoring of their condition and numbers is necessary, as well as monitoring the dynamics of changes.

Unmanned aerial vehicles and modern methods of data processing and forecasting can provide significant assistance in this case.

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Facts about the Arctic

The Arctic includes the Arctic Ocean with the coasts of two continents – Eurasia and North America.

The Arctic Ocean is covered with ice up to 3-4 meters thick, it is cold here.

Polar bears, walruses, seals and whales, fish, birds and other animals live in the Arctic.

Facts about Antarctica

Antarctica includes an entire continent – Antarctica, surrounded by the waters of the World Ocean.

Antarctica is covered with powerful glaciers up to 3 miles thick, it is very cold here.

Penguins, various seals, whales, fish, birds and other animals live in Antarctica.

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